Shoehorned On The Tracks

Click to View   32 HENDRIE AVE – 1,999,000 An older home built in 1916, starting at 2,450,000 last year at this same time, this home reports a contract. If you don’t mind the sound of the train, or lack of privacy – it’s perfect.

A Saga

Click to View 150 RIVERSIDE AVE – RIVERSIDE – 2,500,000 This lovely Victorian suffered one of the longest listing journeys in Riverside. It sits back nicely from the road (for those of you who don’t know, the R Ave is a double line throughway from Rt. 1) Starting at 4,150,000 in March 2014 – this…

Quick Deal 6 Days + 6 Years

I’d say that it’s choice #3 – After 4 agents, going from high 4’s to mid 3’s, it doesn’t take a wizard to figure it out. And there are only 3 homes on the market in Riverside priced between 3.5 and 3.6. The street/location won among few choices. I’m surprised that the 1st listing didn’t…

Beautiful Property Gets a Quick Deal

Getting to the right price is the quick way to sell a home, in any market. It helps that the owner of this property, was also the agent representing the sale. Starting at 3,790,000 in February, followed by a $300K price drop on April 1st, brought a buyer. 10 BROOKRDIGE DRIVE TOUR   Seller paid…

Cash Deal 18 Days

190 CLAPBOARD RIDGE TOUR Listed with Sotheby’s / Leslie McElwreath