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In Newport County Rhode Island – Awesome value! Gorgeous land with views and access to the water – Sense the Ocean Breeze! Click and Enjoy – Public Open House This Sunday August 12 From 1-3PM

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It’s more like a give back! Design is so personal, that the decisions you make today, will not be appreciated in kind when selling your home. So renovate and design away for yourself, but don’t expect a premium.

When you make something look so current, as opposed to timeless, will begin to “date” almost immediately – like new construction that depreciates the moment you move in…

7 Ford Lane, which sold yesterday for $5M, is a beautiful 5855SF home in Old Greenwich, sandwiched on .49 acres – like so many other properties there – thanks to our building/zoning regulations…

The sellers paid $105,000 over asking price in 2012, so 5,600,000 on a list price of 5,495,000 – proceeded to remove the in ground pool! and renovated the entire space…

From this:

7 Ford Living Before

To this:

Marks & Frantz

From this:

7 Ford Kitchen Before

To this:

Marks & Frantz

The kitchen and baths are very high quality – and have “legs” in terms of being more timeless than some of the other rooms…

The listing touted the dream designer team of Marks & Frantz whose claim to fame was set design for Sex in the City and The Devil Wears Prada movies…The buyers weren’t impressed, and most likely looked at the expense of having to remove very specific wall paper and painting many rooms. They may even want to re-instate that pool and finish the lower level, which never got done with this seller or the previous owner.

It’s considered to be a buyer’s market, generally speaking, when there is more than 6 months of inventory on market. At the moment, there is closer to 13 months of inventory.

In this kind of market, my advice to sellers is to get creative and flexible, and neutralize the objections – that is if you’re really interested in selling now.

Take this home….I would say that the dated exterior color showcases the late 80’s influence of when it was built, which is not exactly on the top of the list of “must haves” by today’s buyers…and boy they’re tough, because they can be!

29 OLD STONE BRIDGE RD – COS COB – 1,585,000

The interior has been altered since it first began it’s listing journey. It started in March 2017 at 1,950,000 with lots of wallpaper and dark cabinets. Now it’s freshened and semi staged, and appeals to today’s buyer.

Located in a beautiful association (therefore generally consistent values), this home is a great home for the price. It sits on a little hill, and there’s a nice privately sited pool in the back…

With a more relevant and timeless color, this home would take on a whole new feeling!

Buyer’s use your imagination, and don’t pass on a great home just because of something that is easily remedied…OPEN HOUSE THIS SUNDAY FROM 1 – 3PM.



Beautiful new listing in Mead Point in Greenwich, begs for the interior design to compliment the architecture and views that the home provides…it could be an amazing project!


New 5000SF construction in central Greenwich, that started it’s brief listing journey in April this year with another agent. It’s  found a buyer with agent #2 and $100K less.


It’s sometimes smart to have the primary photo featuring an interior shot. It worked here. 47 days at it’s current list price of 2,195,000. The sellers bought it in 2012 for 1,600,000, and re-imagined it to it’s current, light and relevant state.

Below shows the dining/living room from the previous listing! A little love goes a long way $


The sellers first tried to sell this Cos Cob property last year for a 1,975,000 and it eventually expired at 1,750,000. They entered into this market with the expired price, 1,750,000, and subsequently reduced it to 1,595,000, which obviously did the trick.

Sure beats the long, tedious, drawn out process that more often is the case: between the accepted offer and the final walk through, it could be months. But with these two – short and sweet…


LIST PRICE 6,495,000

The sellers bought this in 1999 for 6,200,000, and did some pretty specific changes to the property – like a complete Japanese bamboo wing for meditation, yoga and tea… they then tried selling the property with a list price of 10,500,000 in 2016. It finally expired with it’s first agent after 649 days at a price of 7,995,000. Re-introduced at the beginning of the Spring 2018 market, it now has a deal.


 4,200,000 LIST

The original house was built in 1982, but it was since “re-built” per the listing description in 2014.

The urban oasis as it’s described, and that’s spot on! Sometimes you can’t always buy a home based on square footage. When space is used properly and efficiently, less can work.

Take this in town beauty – 3 Maher Court. With all levels finished, 3000+ SF, 5 bedrooms and 3/1 baths, this in town beauty has so many useful features, including a well equipped outdoor kitchen, directly through the French doors in the main kitchen.


Impeccably fresh, inside and out, this property should be on your list of homes to see. Spaces are thoughtfully executed, and the proximity to just about anything, is perfect for in town living, with your own piece of paradise just steps from the main house.

309 Round Hill Rd – Greenwich – 1,925,000

I remember, not so long ago, that the average days on market for a contemporary was much longer than traditional homes. Not any more! It needs to be in move in condition, but at least if you get a deal, you can ostensibly flip it for a pretty nice profit.

Take 309 Round Hill Road. After 14 days on market, it has reported “pending status” which is usually indicative of a cash deal. The sellers bought it for 1,375,000.

During it’s “before” state, it was on the market for 471 days, starting at 1,950,000 in March 2016.

4 acres, 4200+ SF, 4 bedrooms, totally renovated/freshened including a refurbished tennis court.




Wasabi is the new Avocado!


Beautiful new construction in Ledge Rd Association…it took a couple of years to get a deal, but when the price is right, buyers will come. Starting in the mid 5’s, it got a deal when the price was reduced to 4,295,000.


Old dated house, and we will not be shocked when a new house is built here. 5.86 acres on a beautiful street.


You want to sell an old house? This is how you do it. Beautiful. Starting 59 days ago at 3,295,000 it was reduced to 3,095,000 and got a deal. And I wouldn’t be shocked if it went slightly over this last list price. It’s a brand new house basically, expanded and improved on an original concept.


Finally! With an extremely long history of days on market, mortgages, liens, re-packaging, agents – at 2,950,000 this property has attracted a buyer. It was purchased in 2003 for 3,150,000. The shell of the house still stands. 3.37 acres in RA1 zoning.


After just 59 days, this little charmer got a deal on an asking price of $1,095,000. The sellers bought it in 2009 for 890,000. Busy through street into Old Greenwich, it will never command strong price, but it’s a convenient roof over one’s head and for many, beats renting.


It only took 8 days before this was reported. List price 985,000. The sellers bought it in 2014  for 829,000 after only 4 days. It’s super cute, and also on a through street going from Hamilton Avenue to Putnam Avenue, but great for commuters.