What Ever Happened To A Phone Call?

Recently, we submitted an offer 200K over list price for a property. As a follow up, the agent posted a note in “Showing Time”, which is an agent to agent app that it used to communicate & schedule showing information. It went something like, if you are receiving this message, it is because the seller has accepted another offer.

It used to be that we were so grateful to receive any and all offers, that the first words out of our mouths was Thank you for showing the property, and Thank you and especially your clients’ for their offer. With a phone call, or at he very least, an individual text or email…

With multiple offers being the norm (look out nothing lasts forever), agents write blanket emails to every buyer’s agent with the same message. LAZY. It would be helpful to know, approximately how many offers there were, was our offer in the bottom/middle/close to the top, was it the terms….SOMETHING to know how better to navigate the next one…

OK…I’m done – thanks for listening :-)))

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