Will Someone Step Up to Finish Restoring This Beauty?

It seems that many of today’s buyers are more interested in new finishes, regardless of the quality of construction, rather than appreciating the build of an older home, and preserving it. I get it, sometimes it falls out of the budget to purchase and then restore, but mostly, people just don’t care about the character of a home. It becomes a commodity that provides shelter with no romantic notion of loving your home.


I have shown this home a couple of times, with no takers. It has so much potential and sits on one of Greenwich’s premiere streets. Yes it needs trees in the front to mitigate the effect on being close to the road – but totally doable. Yes it needs a new kitchen and some new baths, but there are resources that provide barely used kitchens/baths at a fraction of the cost of new ones. The primary suite can be re-imagined with an adjacent room – and it could be fabulous.

Sitting on 2 acres, with a vernal stream this rear yard currently has a pool and as beautiful as it is now, could be even more beautiful.

If you’re reading this, reach out for an opportunity to own a true Greenwich home in the heart of Round Hill.

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