ROI For Interior Design?

It’s more like a give back! Design is so personal, that the decisions you make today, will not be appreciated in kind when selling your home. So renovate and design away for yourself, but don’t expect a premium.

When you make something look so current, as opposed to timeless, will begin to “date” almost immediately – like new construction that depreciates the moment you move in…

7 Ford Lane, which sold yesterday for $5M, is a beautiful 5855SF home in Old Greenwich, sandwiched on .49 acres – like so many other properties there – thanks to our building/zoning regulations…

The sellers paid $105,000 over asking price in 2012, so 5,600,000 on a list price of 5,495,000 – proceeded to remove the in ground pool! and renovated the entire space…

From this:

7 Ford Living Before

To this:

Marks & Frantz

From this:

7 Ford Kitchen Before

To this:

Marks & Frantz

The kitchen and baths are very high quality – and have “legs” in terms of being more timeless than some of the other rooms…

The listing touted the dream designer team of Marks & Frantz whose claim to fame was set design for Sex in the City and The Devil Wears Prada movies…The buyers weren’t impressed, and most likely looked at the expense of having to remove very specific wall paper and painting many rooms. They may even want to re-instate that pool and finish the lower level, which never got done with this seller or the previous owner.

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