Why hasn’t your home sold?

There are so many reasons why some homes have been selling, while others are still sitting on the block. There are a few questions to ask yourself – and honesty is the best policy – this includes being honest with yourself.

1. Is the price right? The number one thing that buyers are looking for is value – and they can get it. 

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Is what your home priced within what the rest of the market is now offering?

* Is it priced relative to the assessed value? Recent activity has shown that homes that are fairly priced to the assessed value have received the love.
* Are the comps in your area indicating that they are in move in condition?
* Are you looking a bit beyond your immediate zone for comps – because in this environment, people are looking for the best house at the best price, and sometimes schools are not always the only consideration.

2. Is it being shown from the buyer’s perspective – again buyers are not looking for your taste level, they are looking at homes with an eye of how to make it theirs – if there is too much stuff and design features, they sometimes cannot see beyond the color, clutter, and amount of stuff that is on the counters, floors, and sometimes even furniture.

3. Is the front door inviting? It is the portal to the rest of the house – the first impression. Does the exterior look tired and unkempt? Many things can be fixed, but selling a house is like a job interview – you wouldn’t go to an interview wearing nothing but your best suit, with shoes polished, etc…Exterior gives the first impression – and it may sound trite, but the first impression is the most important.


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