Eventually Anything Sells

…when the price is right!

An agent/owner listing for a long time, then co-list, then a change of firms, 14 Sherwood Farm is not the only property to have enjoyed more days on market than it should have, in this enclave of properties off Glenville Road.  Today 14 Sherwood Farm reports a contingent contract. We’ll see where it closes…

It had as I remember, a floor plan that is not as desired today, as perhaps it had been when the owners built it. When it comes to structure and flow, it’s far better to be more “mainstream” as opposed to being too customized. Nothing is forever, and eventually all the things that you like as a homeowner, may not be as appreciated by the next owner.

It came to market for 4,875,000 in 2011 and finally has a deal with a list price of 3,145,000.

14 Sherwood Farm Greenwich CT

14 Sherwood

Price usually neutralizes objections!


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