Contracts Reported – All Over the Map

Starting its listing journey ages and ages ago – 95 Butternut Hollow finally has a deal. In 2008 the asking price was $10,500,000 exactly where it expired 183 days later. Then in 2010 it was brought back to market for $9,500,000 and reduced to $8,850,000 – then onto another realtor where it was listed and expired at $7,195,000. This agent went for it again in 2013, no doubt with the story that the market has improved and listed slightly higher at $7,450,000, then $6,399,000, $6,399,000. $5,950,000 to the present $5,695,000 – my guess is that it will the closing price will be somewhere closer to $5m. It was built in 1936 and it sited on 4.5 acres in 2 acre zoning…

95 Butternut Hollow Rd - $5,695,000
95 Butternut Hollow Rd – $5,695,000
Valleywood Rd
74 Valleywood Road – Cos Cob – $1,395,000

Not surprising, under $1.5 – and this street always seems to get the buyers…close to everything, cute neighborhood with a sense of pride…this 3 bedroom, under 2000SF house has found a buyer

6 Rockland Place
6 Rockland Place – OG – $725K

This little charmer also has a deal, and again not surprising…cute, tucked in and around R& zoning off Forest Ave – may be an end user since it was not a cash deal – but who knows….will definitely close to asking price…

52 Benjamin Street
52 Benjamin Street – OG – $1,349,000

Starting at $1,575,000 2 years ago, the price is finally to a point where perhaps it is will close somewhere close to $1.2m. Not many redeeming qualities about this house or property, since it is a back lot…and no doubt the neighbors in the front will be less than thrilled to have something much larger than this  There is a lien history that started when the property was first listed for sale…mostly tax liens…by the time that the owner pays liens and the mortgage balance, there most likely will not be much left.

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