477 Riversville Rd – Serenity House? On the Market – Again…

23% higher than the last expired listing…here’s the history – and then there’s mystery – dubbed “Serenity” as seen on the plaque which is in the driveway column…the tax record also indicates that Serenity House is the lender on one of the mortgages… When Googled, Serenity House appears to be a franchise for ” addiction recovery” – so as a buyer, I am not sure how this would be appealing…as well as a Villa in Turks and Caicos.

At any rate, the owner is also a builder and owner of Traditional Building and Design in Darien. 

Also found in the tax records was a long list of liens, millions –  with Constantine Gianopoulos as the defendant. He claimed 477 Riversville Rd as his address on a couple of websites – prior to the above history…

Article about Constantine Gianopoulos

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