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New Contracts Yesterday 6/11/2014

Sounding like a broken record (actually millenials might not recognize the relevance of this expression) but the highlights are again in Riverside.

Two contracts – 

36 GRIFFITH RD – LIST: $1,079,000
This has not been on the market for years – the sellers bought it in 1979 and short of going to town hall to further investigate the sales history, let’s just say that they are probably making out OK on this deal.
83 S. LANCER RD – LIST: $1,050,000

This has been on the market for years but has served as a rental – but most likely with resistance to rent above $4200, it will be an end user.

Seller bought it in 2002 for $697,000 and succeeded in renting it for $4150 but failed to sell it at $999,000 in 2005 (is Riverside exceeding the bubble?) it expired at $1,069,000 and $4500 for rent in 2013 and now there’s a contract…

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