Buy it for $6M – Rent it for 25K – Swap it for $7.5M Sideways

After reading about the home swap that took place recently in Westport, I dug for more, and came up with this home in Greenwich – which most realtors are familiar with, since it has been on the market since the 2007 renovation/expansion. It rented in ’07 for $20K month and is listed again for rent, purchase or swap.

44 Brookridge Drive
Greenwich, CT

Options….these are the options that the owner of the above home is willing to consider.

Swap Type:

I can add other assets I can add other assets 
I will offer owner financing I will offer owner financing 
downsizing downsizing 
swap even swap even 
upsizing upsizing 

It looks as though realtors will have to protect their interest yet again, with a clause to protect in the event that the seller – swapper is successful.

Furthermore,  now we can also add sideways to upside down.

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