Swapping Properties – Mi Casa es Tu Casa

Somehow, I missed this one….but this could be a good idea for a lot of families, who’s needs are shifting.  Not exactly sure how this could impact my living – or other realtors, so maybe we should jump on the bandwagon, and figure it out – like a dating service?

Patrick R. and Jennifer A. Prosek to Lynn D. and Lavonne R. Kramer, 9 Old Mill Road $1,000,000

Lynn D. and Lavonne R. Kramer to Patrick R. and Jennifer Lebedis Prosek Trs., 80 Compo Mill Cove, $2,350,000

Reported by Dave Matlow in Westport Now, he wrote that sources chose to remain anonymous, but indicated that the 2 families have known each other for years, and their needs shifted propitiously to suit each other’s. Not sure how they worked out the financials, but it is an interesting concept.


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