A Little Sliver of Happiness at Christmas

I am fortunate to be visiting family in Aspen this Christmas, where the tradition of various shrines  on Ajax mountain has been allowed to live for as many years as I can remember (you will never find these in a travel guide to Aspen – the are hidden treasures)….there is the Gerry Garcia shrine, the underwear shrine, and several others (7 I believe) – where everyone who can actually locate these shrines, may contribute their personal messages – through photos and other memorabilia….so I love this version of a shrine in NYC….enjoy

A secret Christmas tree in NYC


(Aunt Christine Pellicano photos)
A person has to be The Grinch to not feel the magic that happens in NYC at Christmas.
Deep in Central Park, at the start of every December, elves return to decorate a secret tree with images and mementos from park goers who want to remember their now gone pets.
While Central Park does not officially decorate any trees, an exception is made for this lovely little tree, which location will remain a secret to avoid too much publicity, ruining this lovely tradition for loyal Central Park visitors.
Each year, the elves remove the ornaments — mainly photographs in plastic and tied on with ribbon or string. And each year they magically reappear on the tree. Several of my own cats and dogs have returned to this tree for a number of years.
In December, while walking the client-dogs in the park, I visit the tree daily. Sometimes I cry, seeing the face of my dear little Chynna Doll or my first keeper cat Sissy, the little clown Lefty. I think about the ones I have yet to add and those I lost recently.
It also makes me feel warm and fuzzy to remember my little ones at Christmas, in a somewhat private but also public way. It is a sweet memorial and a lovely tradition we hope continues for years and years.

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