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With all of the information available today, there’s no excuse for such crappy photos. Here’s the front, which shows a cute multi-family house on a quiet little street in Pemberwick, albeit close to the river.

What kills me is that the colors are right, it’s renovated, and nicely accessorized. It’s just that nobody looked through the lens of the camera enough to care about the finished photo.

1. Clear the counters in the kitchen! It’s a cute kitchen, and this photo does it no favors…

2. Remove personal items from the bathroom – the “used” towel, the stuff on the sill, toothpaste – nobody wants to see this.

3.Remove the stuff from the corners, including the towel on the radiator…again, the right colors, nice rug – shame that for a little extra effort, this could have been presented with a bit more dignity.

4. Make the beds! Wait, was there someone still sleeping?

The internet is the first showing – create a good first impression. You only get one.

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