Just Cut To The Chase

Or drive yourself nuts

Antique homes that sit on the road, whether it’s Round Hill or any other,  just haven’t been in demand since the days of cars taking over from horses. There may be a bid if they are located on a quaint country road for a 2nd home. But then again, quaint country roads are usually off the beaten path, where today’s young buyers do not want to live. And how many of the new buyers are buying a 2nd home?

So sellers have to suck it up, and face the market.

The sellers dug their heals in at 1,595,000 for 183 days back in 2014. Then they really got cheeky, and claimed to have expanded the house and included square footage in the basement, and raised the price to 1,695,000. Well that went over like a turd in a punchbowl.


Final Price 1,146,500

By the quirky final price, it was probably batted back and forth quite a few times.

4 Long Years On Market – Was It Worth It?

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