Contracts Reported For Thursday 9/27


Built in 2007, and purchased by the current sellers for 3,850,000.. 403 Sound Beach was first brought to market this year for 3,795,000. Reduced to 3,495,000 it now reports a contract. Lots of bells and whistles – a fun house for sure.

215 Milbank Ave W

The condo market in town Greenwich just keeps churning and burning…This, located in Lilly’s Path is just a skip away from the Avenue, but it’s quiet in town living…The sellers bought this in 2016 for 3,870,000 on a list of 3,999,000. The current list is 3,795,000. It’s a different market, even with the high demand for being in town.



Built in 1970, this property. was first brought to market in April with another agent for 4,199,000.

599 Lake now reports a contract. The original list for this agent was 3,599,000 and it’s current list price of 2,999,000 has attracted a buyer.  ?6 bedrooms, 7/2 baths, 8800+ SF and 2.57 acres.

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