Quintessential Old Greenwich 2018

21 Cove Road Old Greenwich – 2,595,000

Fresh and clean with a beach theme, this home was a delight to tour. It’s better in person that what the photos represent, since part of the experience is how fresh this home feels and smells. It has great 50’s bones, and the baths are beautiful. The kitchen is well equipped, and the space is accessible to the rear terrance. Transitional in style, it is timeless, which appeals to a broader audience.

21 Cove Road

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 6.18.14 AM

21 Cove Hall21 COve Rd Kitchen

21 Cove Road is appropriately positioned in the OG market for similarly sized homes, but 19 Grimes may see the love first. It does have more of a view, with similar flood exposure, albeit the finishes are not quite as elevated as 21 Cove.

(to 3000SF) 21 Cove and 19 Grimes have the same FEMA AE High 13 feet & 12 E Point has some areas that are VE high to 15 feet. Shore Road is mixed with some of the property being X and AE to 12 feet. None of the three above have elevation certificates that are available on line, and none of them speak to how much additional flood insurance costs. They’re unknowns that have to be answered anyway, so I say, open the kimono now for full disclosure. In this price range, it may still be a concern.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 6.35.38 AM

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