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Wait What?

22 Bedford Rd Greenwich CT – 2,195,000


22 Bedford Road Greenwich came back to the market yesterday. It was foreclosed a while ago, and sold, I thought. M&T was the owner then and they still own it. It’s not unusual to see a property return to market shortly after a closing, but what is strange, is that the MLS’s are not showing that information.

I showed the property 3 times, so I followed the history and sent emails to clients (hence the proof below). It shows that on November 9 2017, it sold, but wait…..what? That bit of history doesn’t appear any longer on the MLS’s

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 6.31.57 AM

Are the banks too big to report?

For any foreclosure, buyers beware! Don’t skimp on a thorough home inspection. If the owners were not able to pay the mortgage, they’re not maintaining the property either.

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