Looking for a Deal? Distressed Properties are Poised to Move!

591 ROUND HILL RD – NOW $5,299,000
Not my idea of “ravishing” as the listing says, with other overstatements and adjectives – and you can see the full listing for yourself by clicking below:
It’s is an opportunity to own a 6.61 acre property. The town has it valued at $8,742,000.
I saw this property when the owner was still living there, and it does show better now that it’s vacant, but it needs total renovation. Green River Capital should have invested in paint and removal of wall paper, window treatments and wall to wall carpeting. Calling it what it is, rather over-embellishing, establishes credibility on the sell side, and manages expectations on the buy side.

39 MOHAWK LANE – NOW $2,095,000
Another opportunity to own a 5+ acres property. The town has this valued at $2.5 and was reduced from $2,327,000 in a matter of a few days…telling. 


  1. It is a very impressive property, however not many people will be able to afford it plus it needs a lot of work doing on the property as well.


  2. Hi Fred – Not sure which property you're addressing in your comment, there are (2) The Mohawk property was just reduced again this week as a matter of fact – it is 5.61 acres for $1.9M That is less than land value in this area. The Round Hill property sold in 1996 for $4,584,500 and is now priced below ASSESSED value which is $6,119,540 – so I agree that they both need work, but there is opportunity to have equity right off the bat with either of these.


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