3 Reported Contracts Today So Far

The market definitely seems to be awakening in the post holiday New Year. It was a busy weekend for buyers, and there’s lots of interest.


When I first saw 105 Dingletown Rd, towards the beginning of it’s long listing journey,  I loved the house and property but not for the money. Bouncing from one realtor to the next, it started at $7,750,000. When I saw it, the listing price was $5,500,000 – and as mentioned, I thought that it was still too high…Shame that is was on so long – my guess is that it would have had a better result with a lower initial asking price. It is a solid, well built home on a beautiful piece of property, but needs to be updated throughout…
6 GASTON FARM ROAD – LIST $2,200,000

A bit out of the way which is just fine for many…

20 DIVISION STREET – LIST $1, 275,000

And then 20 Division Street, a 2 family in town,  has an offer. It was first listed for $1,395,000 and expired in July at $1,349,000 – WHen it came back on the market at the current list OF $1,275,000 – I tried to present this to a multi family investor – but because it was built in 1885, regardless of the total renovation, he wouldn’t bite…

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