Market activity is not exactly on fire, and this day is all over the place – from $4M+ lots, to starter homes…read on:

40 Husted Lane
40 Husted Lane – $4,425,000 – Sellers Bought in ’98 for $2.850m

Capture 40 Husted Lane

13 Speazzano Dr
13 Spezzano Drive – Riverside – $727,000 – Sellers Bought in 2000 $599K

Capture 13 Spezzano

34 Loading Dock
34 Loading Rock Rd – Riverside – $1,405,000 – Town Appraised @ $1,317,100

Capture 34 Loading Rock

0 Meadowcroft Lane
0 Meadowcroft Lane – $4,750,000

Beautiful tony lot in central Greenwich – just off the beaten path…oversized 2.65 acres in R2

138 Water St
138 Water St – Byram – $485,000

Oddly, the GMLS reports two sale prices for this property – one $510,000 and the above – not sure what’s up with that…but it’s not the first time that we see this…nonetheless this little cutie started it’s journey a couple of years ago at $650,000 and no doubt had it another bedroom, it would have received more love.

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