21 Vista Dr – Own Your Own Peninsula in Greenwich $54M

Former Bear Sterns Executive Robert Steinberg and his wife Suzanna have re-listed their VIsta Drive Estate in Indian Harbor.

The property had quite a lavish description when it was described in Globetrotter.com the last time around, when they attempted to sell it for $50M from 2009 – 2010.


Here are some photos of the present listing. I guess if you have this kind of money, you can afford to tailor the interior to suit your taste – because it is quite specific – see for yourself.

21 Vista Dr Aerial
A peninsula to call your own
21 Vista Dr Front
It’s similar to Barry O’s temporary pad…
21 Vista Dr Pool
This is one of the best features, in my opinion
21 Vista Dr Entrance
Very Grande Entrance
21 Vista Library
Without that Rug – the Focus would be out those Beautiful Doors
21 Vista dr Living
With a Little less Going on, One might be able to see the Architectural details.
21 Vista Dr Master
Where Dreams Begin for a Calmer Decor – Again Look out those Windows – It’s Like Seeing the Water Through the Chintz

21 Vista Theater


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