History Repeats Itself

20 Bailiwick Front
20 Bailiwick Rd – Front

20 Bailiwick Rd – a  ranch that was built in the 60’s – located off Riversville Rd, is back on the market. The seller bought it in 2005 for $2.4M – so at the high of the market. Perhaps she doesn’t really realize that Riversville is nowhere near Riverside and cannot compete with central Greenwich. Curiously, the listing claims that it has been totally renovated, however, in the 17 photos that are provided on line, there are none of the interior…

In the main house, there are 2 bedroom, 2.5 baths and there is a separate guest house with another bedroom and bath.

This is the 3rd realtor to have this listing. Here is the history – not a great case of live and learn, but rather that history repeats itself

Capture history 20 bailiwick  20 Bailiwick Lake

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