Fun and Games – 123 Doubling Rd – Greenwich – $6,795,000
Fun and Games – 123 Doubling Rd – Greenwich – $6,795,000

Fun and Games – 123 Doubling Rd – Greenwich – $6,795,000

Some properties just exude “fun” and you wonder, why would they want to sell this lifestyle …but every seller has a reason.

It does appear that it had been one of those properties where Patriot was the lender in 2007, and at the time Odyssey Ventures’ mortgage (seller to the current owner) was $4,570,000.

The town has it valued at $5,879,000. They’ve obviously improved the property, but the market denied them in 2010 for today’s asking price, and it expired at $6,495,000 after 272 days on market in 2011. Nor did they rent it for their asking price of $27,500.

It will be interesting to see what happens this time around. It seems that they are timing the listing around bonus season to bring a buyer, but with the craziness in the world this year,  I am  not sure that pockets will be lined like what we saw last season.

123 Doubling Rear
This is the rear view of 123 Doubling – which shows a very large deck accessible from most of the first floor
Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 5.08.37 PM
Built in 2011
123 Doubling Veranda
Wrap Around Veranda – Love that Word!
123 Doubling Rd Kitchen
Chef’s Kitchen with Seating for an Audience
123 Pool Hoops
Pool Cool
123 Doubling Family
Family Room – OK the Screen Could be a bit Larger
123 Doubling Eames Moment
AN Eames Reading Moment
123 Doubling Rd Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace Party Pad
123 Doubling Gym
Fitness Room
123 Doubkling Sound Proof Room
Sound Proof Rehearsal Room
123 Pool Hoops
Pool Hoops
123 Doubling Pool Spa
Pool Spa and Lounge

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