12 Byfield Lane Back on Market – $7,499,000

12 Byfield Lane began it’s listing journey in 2009, priced at $12M – oh excuse me – $11,999,999…then, finally expired in November 2013 at $9,999,999. The odd looking pricing strategy obviously didn’t do the trick for attracting a buyer. It’s funny – in the apparel business, prices ending with 9’s are usually reserved for downmarket products. $49,99 rather than $50.00 You will never see the .99 strategy at stores like Bergdorf’s or Neiman’s. Kohl’s – yes. Perhaps subliminally, buyers for real estate sense the same signal.

Anyway, regardless of pricing, is back on the market for $7,499,000.

What you’ll get, is lots of arches, balustrades, spindles….end less I forget, a washer/dryer hookup!

The listing boasts a “sumptuous master suite”, but damned if I could find a photo on either the expired listing or the new one…lots of marginal and redundant photography.

What you won’t get is a pool, court, wine cellar,out buildings or theater….but what would one expect for $7.5, I mean $7,499,000?

12 Byfield Lane12 Byfield Lane RearScreen shot 2014-10-15 at 12.58.11 PM

12 Byfield Lane Stairway 12 Byfield Arched Room

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