Price Reduction – Back to the Original Price Paid in 2000!

It’s been rented for the last couple of years for $17,500 and $18,500 respectively…and now it’s trying again at the same price that the sellers paid in 2000.

Not  bad house – some of the better features are en-suite bedrooms, a large master with great closets, a theater, pool – large flat yard….but not close to town like what buyers are looking for. This house in Riverside would most likely fetch at $1M more, but then there are not many lots in Riverside that would allow for  10,000SF house.

Some of the cons, in my opinion, are the kitchen – they claim that it’s a gourmet kitchen, but not my idea of what that would be…the crap that is on top of the maple cabinets only draw attention to the fact that they don’t meet the ceiling, and I cannot see what kind of appliance are in place, but what I also don’t see is a substantial vent over the stove.

ALso not my favorite “feature” in a house, is when the stone is only applied to the front of the house. If you can’t do it, odn;t do it at all…

To see the full listing:

37 Richmond Hill Rd Front

37 Richmond Hill Pool37 Richmond Hill Rd Kitchen

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