Guess Who is Peeking Inside Your Closets?

…every buyer looking at your home!

Their favorite closet is your bedroom…And the subliminal message that it sends, much the way strangers judge your outward appearance, is that they form an opinion about whether you’ve maintained your home meticulously, or that it has not been a top priority.

After 18 years in the fashion industry, managing and merchandising showrooms, organizing apparel – the art of the closet is a natural for me – but not for everyone.

The biggest problem for many is letting go. Edit everything that hasn’t fit in the last 10 years, all those worn out shoes, and generally every past trend that isn’t designer apparel (because the good stuff usually resurrects or can be donated to a museum).

The simplest and most inexpensive fix for closets, is to use all the same hangers. Buy them wholesale in lots of 100. I like the clear plastic ones…they can be bought with or without clips. 

The second fix – organize by color, then classification: tops/pants/skirts/dresses/jeans





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