Greeenwich Property Transfers August 8 – August 13 – 2014

The following property transfers were recorded in the office of the town assessor between Aug. 8 and Aug. 13:

30 Butler Street — Lynne Jones to Kristin Goldfarb, $765,000.

16 Dale Drive — Shane and Vanessa Wilson to Matthew and Dominique Tyson, $800,000.

10 Edgewood Drive Unit 2A — Zofia McGunagle and Alan Kelsey as trustees to George McGunagle as trustee, $1,450,000.

7A Fletcher Avenue — Palkco Group, LLC to Nicholas Falco, $914,000.

36 Griffith Road — James and Margaret Kovac to Yongkai Xie and Hui Li, $994,000.

23 Hendrie Drive Extension — Winifred and John Marion Jr. to the House of Monty, LLC to the House of Rose Z, LLC, $9,000,000.

31 Heusted Drive — Edna and Mary Ann Crandall as trustees of the Roland D. Cranndall QTIP to CPP 31 Heusted Drive, $1,500.000.

33 Heusted Drive — Edna and Mary Ann Crandall as trustees of the Roland D. Cranndall QTIP to CPP 33 Heusted Drive, $1,500.000.

30 Husted Lane — Suydam Lansing as trustee of both a Non GST Exempt Trust and a GST Exempt Trust to 30 Husted Lane, LLC, $4,000,000.

30 Husted Lane — Suyham Lansing to 30 Husted Lane LLC, $4,000,000.

50 Lafayette Place Unit 1F — Julian Underwood to Robert and Teresa Zottola, $200,000.

35 Locust Road — Jeffrey Stein and Cathleen Crooks to Jeffrey and Cynthia Messina, $3,495,000.

32 Meadowcroft Lane — 32 Meadowcroft Lane, LLC to Phillip J. Toohey, trustee of the 32 Meadowcroft Lane Trust, $9,200,000.

118 Pilgrim Drive — Stephen DePra Jr. to Gary Tenenzapf, $877,500.

2 Putnam Hill Apt. 3H — The Estate of Dorothy Karrel to Francis and Kristin Casale, $649,000.

128 Putnam Park — Silverio Basile to Arlene Bornstein, $530,000.

4 Robin Place — 4 Robin Place, LLC to Michael and Martha Liebowitz, $2,300,000.

11 Shannon Lane — Kathleen Clark to Gregory and Candice Giordano, $1,298,000.

190 Sheephill Road — Frank and Gerald Billone to 190 Sheephill, LLC, $1,050,000.

353 Sound Beach Avenue — Robert and Becki Burdick to William Kelly and Lindsay Kiernan, $2,525,000.

200 Stanwich Road — Mary and Kelly Boyle to 200 Stanwich Road, LLC, $6,285,000.

109 West Lyon Farm Drive — 109 West Lyon Farm, LLC to Jeanette Clonan, $1,127,351.

416 West Lyon Farm Drive — Vincent and Susan DeSimone to Mary Bouton, $1,075,000.

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