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"Those were the days my friends…

…they thought they’d never end” – and they’re back for some areas of Greenwich – but not for back country – therein lies opportunity.

Take 170 Old Mill Road – just listed yesterday. It was purchased by the current owner in 2006 for $8,850,000 on an asking price of $,9,400,000. The buyer probably thought that he got a great deal at the time.
Today it’s back for $6,900,000 – hurts.

It’s been rented (although not through a realtor – through a friend, friend of friend, or party whisper) – so that part of the property history is not visible on the MLS. I met the renter at a public open house recently – my guess is that one of the properties in pending status within the same brokerage got his business…going directly to the listing broker…just a hunch based on his MO 🙂

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