Starting at $9.5 million in 2012 – 18 Porchuck sold today for $3,650,000…probably one of the most obvious examples of why you shouldn’t overprice your property. Unfortunately, since it was with the same realtor for 672 days, it’s not an example that sellers will change representation if there is no deal after two years,although It could be that the sellers refused previous offers. I can only speculate. The owner, former CEO of Pepsi,  moved on a while ago…



Yes, it is 8.75 acres in 4 acre zoning (although there is the river back there, and part of the property is AE per FEMA) so 2 lots may not be possible. IF the house had been updated throughout the years, but such was not the case – the last time was in 1980…systems are old, there is no central air, kitchen is a service kitchen, etc – it would have brought a higher price. 
I am hoping that the house is maintained rather than razed – time will tell. There’s not much demand for a 12,000 + SF home that needs total renovation. Most buyers of late have been staring over, or buying new. For this property, it would involve 8 bathrooms and 2 half baths, as well as a new kitchen for starters…


But then again, if the buyer for #18 is as romantic as the current owner of 10 Porchuck – renamed 306 Round Hill Rd – who knows?

They are in the process of a gut renovation and addition for a 2.41 acre property that borders the Merritt Parkway and Round Hill Rd. He paid $1,825,000 in July 2012.

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