The Scoop – 6.30.2014

Closed Today

6 HIGHVIEW AVE – OG – $1,353,000
On the market since 2011 – the sellers hung on and on – their number was $1,495,000 – no price reduction – and the market did not meet their demand. Still not so bad considering the days on market.
12 ROCKVIEW DR – GREENWICH – $1,526,000
Literally squeezed between a rock and Lake Ave…this little charmer won someone’s heart and broker another’s in a bidding war – starting at $1,395,000 – it closed substantially higher. It sits just behind 111 Lake which closed at $1.4M just a short while ago...

 Also in a bidding war – this single story 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, 1330 SF home was asking $905,000 and closed 23% higher after 16 days on market.


 Asking $1,195,000 – 10 days on market – the million and under is still closing quickly. Most likely a cash buyer.

96 MEADOW RD – RIVERSIDE – $3,750,000
In Willowmere, this lovely has a new owner – after what is relatively short market time at this price…49 days – starting at $3,950,000 in March. Just over 5000 SF, 6 bedrooms, 4.1 baths, .46 acres – the listing mentioned winter water views – which post Sandy may be construed as positive marketing 🙂
240 RIVERSIDE AVE – $2,892,000
Riverside Ave – often gets the “traffic pushback” – it is a bit of a throughway, and most likely partly responsible for having been on and off the market since 2010. It started at $3,395,000, came back in 2011 at $3,245,000 and close for the odd price as mentioned above. The town’s number for the property is $2.3ish.
245 N MAPLE AVE – $3,990,000
26 BROAD RD – GREENWICH – $5,912,000

Unbelievably, this started it’s long listing journey at $9,250,000 just 4 years ago! The sellers went back with the same realtor a couple of times – and two others before making it happen…

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