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From Home Owner to Home Seller

After 2 listing presentations recently, it is STILL so clear, that many home sellers look at Zillow to get their home “Zestimate”, Home Snap, Trulia – but clearly don’t go beyond to research what they can do to present their property to the market…

The first step for every home seller: They must detach themselves from their home, like they no longer own it – they should consider that they’ve already moved on. When it’s time to list, the owner becomes the seller – the buyers now rule, and appealing to the broadest audience will get the most showings. It’s not a  guarantee that it will drive the highest price so you ask: then why do it? Because it will increase the odds. 

If buyers look on the internet and are not even tempted to view the property – that’s a problem. 
This video is one of the most succinct, honest and solution driven presentations that I have seen: 

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