Lots of NEW Listings 4/21/2014 – Including a Neighbor – 69 Porchuck Rd

It’s funny – when you’re a realtor, you acquire a sixth sense of when a property is about to go on the  market…
69 PORCHUCK RD – $6,095,000
First there were a band of tree trimmers (never before seen) and landscapers (they normally come on Friday – this was on a Wednesday) Then more work vans than I’ve seen in the 2 years that we have lived here. Then, on a subsequent day last week, 5 or more firetrucks/emergency vehicles pulled into the driveway…My hunch was that someone set off an alarm and the owner may have been out of town. Since I’d only ever seen him twice when we first moved in, and didn’t get the sense that he wanted a social relationship – off he went with his Bassett hound, leaving me to wonder if he lived alone in this big house with his loveable dog – somehow,  I think his name was Henry – the dog that is…
The current owner bought this property in 2003 for $4,700,000 – and with back country Greenwich, as much as I love living here, not getting the love that it once enjoyed, it will be interesting to see where the price settles. My guess is closer to where it last sold…Maybe $200K more – but I’ve been wrong before.

6 Bedrooms – 7 full and 2 half baths – 4 Fireplaces – just over 9000 SF – it has a finished lower level – 4+ acres – pool/terrace…




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