#1 Tip for Home Buyers

Don’t think that you’re wasting someone’s time, when you are in the “just in the looking mode” – this is part of a real estate agent’s job – and if they don’t like it, they should find another profession. This is your time to get to know which agent you will want to use when the time comes to buy your home, and they will act as your guide for the initial process of getting a mortgage commitment and financially ready to make an offer. It’s as much a people business as a commodity business. You have to like and trust the person who can really help you with the process of buying the right property. Be smart.
I am reminded everyday that many consumers still don’t understand how valuable it is, to have a buyer’s agent. They will call about a property asking to speak directly to the listing agent, and often, will just go along and make an offer without an agent representing their interest. It’s a bit nutty to say the least.
My first bit of advice to home buyers, when you’re ready to look at properties, just sign on a one time basis – this could be one property or one day for specific properties – with addresses listed. After all, would you agree to date someone for the next 3 months after one date? This is the best way to “interview” your agent. During this day, ask lots of questions about the area, about each house – milk it!
Where it is legal in Connecticut to have both sides of a transaction represented by the same agent/broker, and everyone is bound legally to provide honesty, confidentiality and fiscal responsibility – does it make sense for the same person to negotiate for your interest while trying to get the most money for their first client – the home seller?

Think of a good buyers agent as your advocate for the quickest and most protective measure to get to your goal of home ownership.

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