Augustine’s Farm Summer of 2013

I read an article in the Greenwich Time yesterday, and where the reporter spoke to the owners, I guess she hadn’t tasted any of their produce. If she had, she would have mentioned that regardless of a non co-operative summer, they still have some of the best produce around.

John and Kathy Augustin
In the course of speaking with John and Kathy Augustin who own and operate the area’s only produce farm, the reporter writes that it has been a challenging growing season. First the rain, then the extreme heat, caused huge problems with early vegetables, such as corn and leafy greens.

But I can attest, that their corn this season, is among the best around. The tomatoes are amazing – and you just need to go. They are located on King Street just past The Griff Golf Course.

They always have fresh farm eggs, herbs, fruit and this season they have potted flowers.  Another bonus for those of us who live backcountry, it is closer than Glenville.

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