14 Sandy Lane Sold – $1,842,000

The history is long and boring…in it’s current state with a 1979 renovation – it missed the wave in 2006 when it was listed for $2,975,000. It was reduced the same year to $2,699,000. In 2010, it was again listed for $2,400,000 (in denial), in 2011 it was listed at  $2,350,000 (still in denial) , reduced to $2,150,000 (still hopeful for a 2 handle) – and still no takers at $1,999,000. Listed again this year in April for $1,899,000 – and then bingo – finally found its level….
It is situated on 4 acres at the end of the street, so the Merritt is a stone’s throw…

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