Serious Price Reduction Today – 16 Shoreham Club – $600,000 shaved off the ticket!

Original List Price $7,995,000 – Reduced to $7,595,000 and now:
It’s inside out – every window gives you the feeling of living outdoors. Per the architect Joeb Moore:
It was named The Spiral House to describe its synergy with the movement of the tides and nature that surround the home.
It has won numerous awards including the AIA National Housing Awards in 2010 & 2011….so there is more than the stats of 4500+ SF – 4 bedrooms….one of the perks for people who like simple but dramatic living space, there are so many windows, this home will host only your furniture and art.  
Maybe this recent haircut will get the job done? It sends the message that the seller is listening

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