Greenwich BOE approves $25K to conduct a "robust" residency check

It’s funny – when I attended the meeting that the Greenwich Board of Education conducted specifically for realtors last week, one person raised the challenge that the rules for applying for a beach pass were more stringent than verifying residency for our schools. The BOE members argued that there had been some investigation into the matter, which only proved that there were 2 students who were not residents…and they did not mention that they were allocating $25K for this issue.


According to the Greenwich Time “In the fall of 2012, the district conducted a review that turned up 29 vehicles with New York registration plates dropping off students at New Lebanon. An investigation of those vehicles did not tie them to any out-of-town students, according to district officials.”

It must be that NY nannies are dropping the kids off at school? 

Or maybe they were rental cars

Or NY relatives doing their CT cousins a favor, and coming here to drop the kids off at school…. 

Time and $25K will hopefully bring some truth to the matter…

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