Easter a traditional Jackpot for House Buying

Greenwich MLS is closed today, so not much going on, or will there be? I’m working this weekend – but I may be among the few – according to tradition…

Spring usually opens the house buying market in a big way, making it sometimes frustrating when placing an offer on a home that you want. Both buyers and sellers come out of hibernation, and somehow realize that it is a good time to sell and/or buy a home. Spring break kicks in, and parents realize that it’s now or wait another year…because before long, the kids are out of school, and summer is here.

But Easter Sunday is an exception in the Spring buying frenzy, because if you are out and about looking for a home,  you are among the few who are actually placing an offer to buy a home. And that’s a good thing!

The only other day that has Easter beat is Christmas. 

Happy house hunting! and Good Luck


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