Play nice in someone else’s sandbox!

The owner of Katherine Hepburn’s former Olde Saybrook estate, Frank Sciami (prominent NYC developer), was recently ordered to shave the height of 2 five foot posts at the end of the driveway. He rather tried to plant flowers to diminish the height – cheeky or sneeky…..but it didn’t fly.;sz=300×250;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802463762;pid=UBM9780847838912;usg=AFHzDLuGM3kLsYEmvODVMpMEaXPqU36zZQ;;pubid=558465;price=%2431.60;title=Katharine+Hepburn+By+Druesedow%2C+Jean%2F+Yohannon%2C+Kohle+%28CON%29%2F+Cohen-Str;merc=CDS+Books+and+DVDS;;width=102;height=135

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