Another Bidding War?

15 Ronald Lane in Cos Cob was on the market for 17 days. Listed at $599,000 and sold for $680,000. It seems obvious – although I take nothing for granted – that it was purchased for the land…assesses at $508,480 – it is 1530 SF – on a .28 acre lot….

Little signs that are beginning to indicate that the market has hit bottom – and is at least preparing to move back up…;sz=300×250;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000000028007181;pid=UBM9781423620990;usg=AFHzDLsSwrVZHeFcmil-yuh8Yx1twZ96PQ;;pubid=558465;price=%2413.65;title=The+Garage+Sale+Gals+Guide+to+Making+Money+Off+Your+Stuff+By+Hammond%2C+Lynda;merc=CDS+Books+and+DVDS;;width=117;height=135

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