306 Round Hill Rd – SOLD – $1.825m

Finally – after being on and off the market since 2010 – with the price going from just shy of $3m to the selling price on August 4th of $1.825

306 Round Hill Rd

Having rented this for one year, lest I say that I know it well. They say that you never know a man until you live with him, well the same can be true of a house. Charm disarms, persuades, convinces and instills a sense of comfort. We never knew that men and houses had so much in common 🙂
(not my furniture)

Here are the numbers:

Last list: $2.050
Assessed: $1,478,330
Taxes: $14,946
3846 SF
4 bedrooms

I won’t list numbers for bathrooms, fireplaces, garages and year renovated, because as my mom always told me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.
There are a few little gems in the house, beisdes the arched windows that you see above;  morrocan hand carved doors, a hidden turntable that is disguised behind a panel that is faux painted to look like books, a charming fountain outside that is a family of bronze turtles – it is really quite cute, and a “security” system that dates back to perhaps the 50’s – very state of the art, but charming nonetheless!
Having had at one point in time a 10 Porchuck address, the house is the first one north of the Merritt on Porchuck – convenient.

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