Zsa Zsa to Ga Ga

Pop icons change, but real estate is always real…it is what the market will bear – regardless of anything else.
Zsa Zsa’s 6700 SF Bel Air  home is on the market for $15m.  The views apparently are amazing. 
Earlier, her husband had indicated that he wanted to list it for $28m, to help defer the high cost of caring for his wife who is in poor health and has been for years. 

8 Husbands ago,  Zsa Zsa married her 9th – that was 25 years ago, with a pre-nup. Now the heirs are questioning whether he had the right to list the home at all. Nonetheless, it went on the MLS yesterday.

Zsa Zsa’s home built in 1955 – $15m

Quincy lives next door – FYI…

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