Quick Fix Could Translate to More Money!

When I visit open houses, one of the things that I often notice, is how outdated they are. Traditional is beautiful, however, tired is not. “Fresh” gives the impression for future home buyers, that you have been caring for your home all along. Granted, if you are selling your home, you do not want to spend lots of money, but when a window is a standard size, you can take the shade with you when you move, or better yet – they may become a point of negotiation. 
When I sold my apartment in NYC, I had very inexpensive but dramatic window shades. When I wouldn’t lower my price, the perspective buyer negotiated to have the window treatments included in the sale – bingo! Win/Win 🙂

The Shade Store – Simple – But sometimes simple is great. This site works so well – it is easy, fast, organized, yet you are able to order samples in the tradition of buying window treatments anywhere….check it out!


There is also a solar section which offers so many options…..


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