The Millenials – 80 million strong – GET READY!

According to Wells Fargo, there are 51.5 million potential first time home bueyrs born between 1979 and 1991. This is approximately 6 + million more than the baby boomers of 1977.
This generation is more technology driven, (it seems ridiculous to have to mention this, but I still see some realtors who barely can navigate Outlook), more diverse, and according to a Pew research study, more trusting of institutions. They are basically more optimistic.
According to Wells Fargo, more than 70% of those surveyed, still want to own a home, and they optimistically view the more stringent credit requirements as a positive for having the ability to stay in their homes.
What should we as realtors do to prepare for the Millenials?
  1. Get with the tech program
  2. Spruce up your look – you don’t have to dress like they do, but get rid of the motif sweaters, and ill-fitting suits and hire a stylist to give recommendations. Or just pick up Bazaar for girls and GQ for guys.
  3. Think green – they are looking for energy efficient homes – know the science as it relates to real estate 

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