Window Cleaning Service

OK – It’s common advice when selling your home…. clean windows give the perception that the home is well maintained. Feng Shui purports that the windows are the eyes of the home….that says a lot. If you’re living in your home, everything seems more optimistic if you can see through your windows. Firstly, the grime just reminds us of the hideous winter that we just left behind. But cleaning windows in just a pain in the ass….

There is a new service in  Greenwich that will clean your windows inside and out for $8 – $12 per window. Now that would be the perfect mother’s day gift in my opinion!
They also clean gutters and powerwash!

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  2. If you are looking for a window cleaning service you can just check online which provider is the nearest to your place. From there you can check on reviews and testimonials on how have they been working as professional cleaners.

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