A Simple Lesson in Sales – for both sides of the table

Let the ownership of white lies, puffing and blatant dishonesty be shared on both sides of the table. Here are some rules for good salesmanship:

Be Honest
Promise Less
Deliver more
Expect Nothing
Be Self Reliant 

Yesterday put me over the edge – I noticed a rental that was advertised on Craigslist as being “close to the Merritt” on North St. in Greenwich. It should have read: 3 miles from the Merritt in Banksville. This was a DIY seller not a licensed broker – 

Be honest.

Another listing on Craigslist was for a home in Armonk that also had a separate maid quarters with private entrance. What was not advertised, was that the owner would still occupy the maid’s quarters. Another do-it-yourselfer. He dispensed the info during a conversation, but why waste people’s time

Promise less.

On Trulia I offered advice – not the usual cagey response that realtors give, so that nobody can figure anything out unless they have a signed agreement. OK I got a response because I gave info about a particular house that met all the criteria that the potential client was looking for (excluding the address – of course:-) – and she was in contact with me.

Deliver more.

After letting the Trulia client know that we should meet in order to see the property – there was no further response. Call me naiive.

Expect nothing.

If you don’t depend on others for your happiness, success, or anything that you want in life, you will never be disappointed or will have nobody else to blame but yourself.

Be self reliant.

We all need a sense of humor during this market


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