The story gets juicier… so juicy – rich guy steals steak from Whole Foods…read on

Greenwich Police Blotter Reported:

Jeffrey Richard Stewart, 104 Round Hill Rd. was arrested and charged Sunday with shoplifting a $34.55 steak from Whole Foods Market on east Putnam Avenue. He posted $250 cash bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on December 20.

  • There is no 104 Round Hill Rd. according to Greenwich tax records
  • There is no record in the Greenwich MLS for this address (not that this is conclusive since the records do not data back that far.
  • There is not a home owner with the same exact name, and I am not going to incriminate anyone else – some that come close
  • OK – so may be this supposed Jeffrey Richard Stewart doesn’t own a home, or it is in someone else’s name – possible but it still does not answer the address question.
  • When you check the satellite view of 104 Round Hill Rd – it appears that it would be opposite and slightly south of Pecksland Rd. but there is no house anywhere close to what would be 104 Round Hill Rd.
So he either slipped a different address, or someone got this wrong..

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