Too many chefs in the kitchen


  • Sole Owner
  • Husband of Owner 
  • House
  • Agent
  • Illness
  • Family of owner’s husband
  • 1 friend who has never visited the couple in their home until this week
  • Perspective tenant
  • Loud mouth husband of daughter
Combine together in one house, the owner and her husband with their idea of renting their cottage. Mix this with an agent who proceeds to market, suggest improvements and clean/spruce/prune to improve the potential.
Deflated sooufle, after deflated soufle, finally a tenant  is ready to be annointed “the one”
Quickly whisk in illness, a stupid comment by a family member to the perspective tenant, together with inappropriate. lazy and short-sighted, distant family members and not so close “friend”.

….and what to you get?

A big raspberry

Result – Poor taste,  the wrong consistency, horrible presentation, it may even make you ill – and you certainly don’t want seconds.

Next time – one chef, a sous chef, a hostess that brings a deserving and rewarded customer – and everyone walks away a winner.

P.S. Did you know that they say that bedbugs smell like rotten raspberries?

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