Thanks to the people and situations that have touched our lives

Upon moving back to Greenwich after living in Sausalito for 2 years, we heard through our family grapevine, that there was an adorable back country cottage for rent. It is located on 8+ gorgeous acres, down a quiet country lane of country bliss – and so we jumped on it. It was temporary (as I clear my throat) – we were ready to buy a home. With a one year lease, but 6 years later – combined with many fond memories, we found ourselves still living in backcountry Greenwich in this magical little cottage.

The owners are friends of the family – and during our tenancy, we became quite close, and enjoyed many great times together. Great laughs, funny stories, amazing food (thanks to my husband) and many glasses of great wine and most of all,  amazing experiences – some sad, some happy.

When we moved last January, and out of friendship and knowing that I would go beyond the call of duty, they gave me the listing.

Here is the precious little one:

So many special memories, among them, rescuing a darling fawn, subsequently named after the master of the house, William – thus, Billy. Here is his pictorial journey on the estate.  From carefully keeping him warm and feeding him every couple of hours while still a fawn, to protecting him while progressively letting go – from the enclosed porch, to the fenced backyard – teaching him boundaries, how to run and play and at the end of the day, to come home to safe harbor. It was a blast, and he brought joy and amazement to us and many of our mutual friends.

Here’s to you William and Billy – Happy Thanksgiving!

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